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Manica Rubida Queen, dispatched Thursday (Cheapest EU supplier)

Manica Rubida Queen, dispatched Thursday (Cheapest EU supplier)

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  • Taxonomy: Manica Rubida

  • Country of Origin: Southern Europe.

  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist: Easy

  • Colony size: 5,000+

  • Expected life expectancy: 10 Years

  • Habitat: Test Tube, Acrylic, Ytong Or Natural

  • Queen size: 9-13mm Read With Black Spots/Stripes

  • Worker size: 6-9mm Reddish Brown

  • Lifecycle: Egg-Larvae-Pupae-Worker

  • Warning: Has a Potent Sting, Not Suitable For Younger Children Or People That Are At Risk Of Having A Severe Allergic Reaction.

  • Venomous: Has A Potent Wasp Like Sting

  • Other information: Manica Rubida Often Confused With Their Smaller Counter Part Myrmica Rubra, are very active hunters that can kill very large prey insects, not a very aggressive species but will defend and attack if provoked.


Information Supplied By Oliver Shepherd

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