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Myrmica Rubra (European fire ant)

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  • Taxonomy Myrmica Rubra
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist Easy, as a UK species they do not require a high temprature and are fine at 17 degress celsius+, but they do hibernate from Novemeber to April and like to have a lot of humidity 
  • Colony size  10,000 workers
  • Expected life expectancy  5-15 years
  • Habitat Forests/Meadows 
  • Queen size 8-9mm (semi-clastrual, hunt during founding stages)
  • Worker size 5-6mm
  • Behaviour  A rather aggressive species. When a colony reaches around 100 workrs it will become fairly aggressive, and in my personal experince it is around then you can feed livefood such as waxworms as they are soft. This species is polygamous and can house up to around 100 queens.Prey items are attacked by swarming of many individual workers. The queens are also semi claustral and must be able to feed on protein and sugar water/honey during the founding stages. Unlike other species such as Lasius Niger where they are fully claustral and are completely left alone during the founding stages  
  • Lifecycle When workers enclose from pupae they are a very light brown to white, and over a few hours to a week their exo skeletons harden to a lovely red-orange 
  • Defence When the entrance to a nest is tapped droves of workers pile out, this is a very territorial species once colonies reach a certain size
  • Warning  Vaseline will not stop these ants, baby powder or PTFE must be used. These have been said to be a some what arboreal species
  • Venomous  These ants have a mild sting that has been compared to a stingy nettle plant. I would not recommend this deter a beginner, as I have never been stung and i think one or two stings is worth it for this fantastic starter species
  • Nuptial flights  From late July to as late as October
  • Other information These are I believe one of the best and easiest beginner species. Very hardy and aggressive to make for some interesting action

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