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Myrmicaria Brunnea Queen  (UK delivery only)

Myrmicaria Brunnea Queen (UK delivery only)

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The curved ant! When receiving your M.brunnea colony one may think the ants have suffered a slight injury due to the fact that they walk in a curled like manner! However, this is just part of their natural physiology.

This bicoloured species of ant (red thorax and black gaster) tends to nest and span in mountainous areas throughout the Asian continent.

Colonies grow at a very quick rate and those who can see them in their natural environment will quickly realise how large their nests can be ranging several thousand individuals! Additionally, they will respond fiercely to human disturbance by climbing efficiently and stinging the human skin causing slight irritation.

Feeding wise will accept most foods especially cut up crickets!

All in all, a hardy, fast developing and unsual ant!

Basic care requirements:

- Temperature: Room temp - 26C

- Humidity: 50-60%

- Colour: Red & black

- Hibernation: Not required

- Size:

1. Workers 3-4 mm
2. Queens 9-10 mm

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