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Temnothorax redecens Queen

Temnothorax redecens Queen

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  • Taxonomy: Temnothorax nylanderi

  • Country of Origin:  Europe.

  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist: Easy

  • Colony size: Up to 400 when established

  • Expected life expectancy: 19 years + (Very Long Living Ant)

  • Habitat: Test Tube, Acrylic, Ytong Or Natural

  • Queen size: 3-5mm Dark Brown

  • Worker size: 2-3mm Yellowish Brown

  • Lifecycle: Egg-Larvae-Pupae-Worker

  • Warning: Temnothorax Nylanderi is an extremely small ant, they have been known to escape flawed nests, so take extreme caution with escape prevention with this ant.

  • Venomous: No

  • Other information: Temnothorax Nylanderi are extremely small and interesting ants, a full size colony can live inside an acorn, this gives them the name “The Acorn Ant”.

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