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Tetramorium caespitum

Tetramorium caespitum

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A species which despite its small size, has adapted so well to its environment has consequently, been able to inhabit territories from colonies being present in America to native nests in the UK! This is the common Pavement Ant.

This small dark coloured ant, is a robust and aggresive species which can form large colonies upto 6,000! They will use their sting to subdue other insects, including neighbouring competitive ant species, making it normally the most abundant ant in the area, typically.

You will find this specific type of ant to be fast growing and will pretty much eat most insects, they seem to especially hollow out meal worms leaving the shell behind! They also highly enjoy sugary based foods and liquids.

Additionally, this species makes for a very good beginner species due to its hardiness and ability to nest in most commercial ant farms from soil/loam based ant farms to acrylic formicariums!

Basic care requirements:

- Temperature: Room temperature - 21C

- Humidity: 40%-50%

- Colour: Brown/glossy

- Hibernation: Required, October - December

- Size:

1. Workers 3-4.5 mm
2. Queens 6-7.5 mm

- Temperament: Aggresive in large numbers and can cause minor injuries through stinging mechanism.

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