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Atta Cephalotes leafcutter colony small, golf ball sized fungus 50-75 workers. Special, Price Crash, UK delivery only)

  • Taxonomy  Atta Cephalotes 
  • Country of Origin Trinidad
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist  Specialist
  • Colony size  5 million
  • Expected life expectancy   10-15 plus years
  • Habitat Large when established, 80% humidity with 24.4c heat
  • Queen size 20mm
  • Worker size  Caste system ranging from 2-12mm
  • Behaviour forages, cuts and collects leaves that are taken back to the nest and turned in to fungus
  • Lifecycle
  • Defence Has large soldiers that are aggressive and can easily cut through leather with their large mandibles
  • Warning Not for the inexperienced, these ants require a dedicated set up and research before purchasing to ensure the fungus is maintained in line with the colony.
  • Venomous nope
  • Nuptial flights  not in captivity
  • Other information

Small colony with 1 Mated Queen, Starter fungus and 10-20 ants. The last 5 pictures are examples of containers that should be used to start them off, placing small fungus gardens in large setups will kill them in hours as the air within large containers will dry them out. We’d recommend that the Queens are throughly inspected before the seal is removed from packaging on arrival. Once the seal has been removed you are confirming that you are happy with your colony, for full terms please see website or website blog for full LAG terms and conditions. (Live Arrival Guarantee)

Avoid use of heat mats during the starter phase, we’d recommend a warm room with stable temperatures of around 21c-23c

Delivery subject to weather conditions, we won't post out during very cold spells. 

Atta cephalotes is a species of leafcutter ant in the tribe Attini (the fungus-growing ants). A single colony of ants can contain up to 5 million members, and each colony has one queen that can live more than 15 years. The colony comprises different castes, known as 'task partitioning', and each caste has a different job to do.


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