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Camponotus japonicus large (UK delivery only)

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  • Taxonomy: Camponotus japonicus

  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist: Skilled

  • Location: Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea And Russia

  • Colony size: A Few Hundred Individuals

  • Expected life expectancy: 10 Years +

  • Habitat: Ytong Or Natural (Wood, Leafs And Stones) -Test Tube For Founding

  • Queen size: 14-17mm Black.

  • Worker size: 6-14mm Black And Polymorphic

  • Lifecycle: Egg-Larvae-Pupae-Worker

  • Warning: Needs Careful Heat And Humidity Requirements and Careful Escape Prevention Methods.

  • Venomous: No But Can Inflict A Painful Bite

  • Other information: Camponotus Japonicus Derives its name from the “Slang” word of Japs for the Japanese people, This Species Is Commonly Confused With The European “Camponotus Fallax”.

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