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Camponotus ligniperda

  • Taxonomy Camponotus ligniperdus
  • Country of Origin Central Europe
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist Easy
  • Colony size 10'000+ once established
  • Expected life expectancy  14+ years
  • Habitat  dry and moist areas required in formicarium
  • Queen size 14-16mm
  • Worker size  6-14mm
  • Behaviour  Nocturnal and diurnal 
  • Food honey water and insects
  • Humidity 50-80%
  • Hibernation Late October to early march
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Camponotus ligniperda is one of the biggest european ant species.

Prefers dry and sunny slopes and can be found in rotten wood and stony ground. Can be found in low-level as well as in mountains.

Has minor and major workers also diurnal and nocturnal

Queen supplied with one to five workers

Cheapest European supplier!!

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