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Camponotus nicobarensis (Cheapest European supplier, 2017-2018-2019-2020)

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  • Taxonomy Camponotus nicobarensis 
  • Country of Origin Northern Thailand 
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist easy
  • Colony size 2000+ once established 
  • Expected life expectancy 
  • Habitat tropical although can adapt to 10-15c
  • Queen size 12-14mm
  • Worker size 5 - 7mm with majors being 7-9mm
  • Behaviour have been known to swim short distances
  • Lifecycle 28 days
  • Defence no sting but can bite
  • Food  sugar water, insects and honey
  • Temperatures  25-28c
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Camponotus Nicobarensis are considered easy to keep and have a distinct minor and major worker caste. The minor workers which make up the bulk of the colony are black with varying degrees of brown markings and about 5 to 7 mm in length. The major workers are 7 to 9 mm long and are easily distinguishable by their larger head which is a distinct red / orange color.

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