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Camponotus Tokioensis Queen with 5-8 workers

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A medium sized, shiny black coloured ant found in Japan and Korea!

As most members of this genus, Camponotus tokiensis is relatively fast moving however, are very docile! In addition to this, their member castes includes majors once the colony grows! These have a particularly impressive set of jaws to protect the colony if needed.

Once the colony grows larger in numbers, they will be able to take down livefood with ease.

Their brood have slow growing stages and normally take a few weeks more to grow into a worker ant in comparison to most ant genera! If you want a large species which does not require immediate or near in the future adjustments, this is the ant for you!

Interestingly, C.tokiensis is very well adapted to climbing structures such as twigs due to their arboreal nature! Therefore, a natural setup would induce these ants to setup nests within dead twigs but will adapt fairly well to artificial setups too!

Basic care requirements:

- Temperature: 20C - 26C

- Humidity: 50-65%

- Colour: Shiny Black

- Hibernation: Only a small period between December-February

- Size:

1. Workers 5-6mm
2. Majors 7-8 mm
2. Queens 9-10 mm

- Temperament: Whilst workers normally cannot pierce the human skin, majors may draw blood however, they are rather docile for a ant belonging to the Camponotus genus.

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