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Camponotus turkestanus (Yellow Variant) ( £100 cheaper than Europe!)

  • Taxonomy Camponotus turkestanus (these arrive in small tubes and excess moisture will be removed before dispatch, we’d recommend having a spare test tube to allow the Queen to transfer.)
  • Country of Origin Asia, China
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist Easy
  • Colony size 250-600 once established
  • Expected life expectancy 10+ years
  • Habitat 18-28c with moisture levels 40%-60%
  • Queen size 12-15mm
  • Worker size  6-15mm
  • Behaviour No hibernation required
  • Colouration Black/brown and sometimes yellow
  • Food sugar water, honey and insects
  • Venomous No but can bite
  • Youtube link
  • Other information A gorgeous ant with varying colaration ranging from black through to yellow, builds nests under stones.

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