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Crematogaster Biroi

Crematogaster Biroi



Crematogaster biroi is a small, colourful and hardy ant found mainly in the Asian continent, being found across territories such as Northern China all the way to Sri Lanka.

As is characteristic of most Crematogaster species, this specific type of ant has a really cool heart shaped gaster. Interestingly, workers will raise this section when alarmed or threatened.

Additionally, this species proliferates at a quick rate as queens will lay eggs in abundance if fed and cared for correctly so, if you are looking for a relatively quick growing species of ant, this is a bonus! In the wild, due to their Polygynous nature (ability to have more than 1 egg laying queen present) they form substantially big colonies under rocks and hollow sections of wood, upto 5000+ individuals.

In terms of behaviour, you will see these normally swarm over items of food before carrying back to the colony.

Basic care requirements:

- Temperature: Room temperature - 25C

- Humidity: 40-60%

- Colour: Orange/yellow/black

- Hibernation: Not required

- Size:

1. Workers 2-3mm
2. Queens 6-8mm

- Temperament: Whilst aggresive to prey items, they are rarely able to inflict any sort of pain on humans.

All in all a great, fast growing, hardy and colourful ant species.

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