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100 Live Edible black ants

100 Approx LIVE Black ants (Messor) that offer a high nutritional value. Sealed vile/test tube. Said to taste of Vinegar. 

Scientist have proven that eating insects, such as ants offers great health benefits and should be encouraged. Ants are rich in protein and minerals and they have way less cholesterol than pork or beef. According to National Geographic a 3.5 ounce serving of red ants gives you the following:

about 14 grams of protein
5.7 milligrams of iron
good source of calcium
0 Cholesterol
The 5.7 milligrams of iron works out to be 71 percent of the 8 milligrams men need each day and about one-third of the 18 milligrams women require on a daily basis.

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