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Formica fusca mated Queen

Formica fusca mated Queen

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  • Taxonomy  Formica fusca
  • Country of Origin Europe
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist Easy
  • Colony size 500-600 can have multiple queens 
  • Expected life expectancy 
  • Habitat Nests in soil or under stones
  • Queen size 8-9mm
  • Worker size  5-8mm
  • Behaviour Timid and fast moving usually foraging singularly. Predates small insects and farms aphids
  • Temperature room temp
  • Defence Sprays formicacid 
  • Warning Bites
  • Youtube link
  • Nuptial flights July - September
  • Other information Shiny appearance and regularly predated by Formica Sanguinea in the wild where they occur together.

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