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Large Outworld with tubing


An ideal larger outworld that comes complete with crystal clear tubing to fit all our other products, these outworlds represent great value for money and to keep cost down we now provide this self assembly. The fine mesh helps to keep those ants and ant babies firmly in their enclosure!  Ideal for species such as Myrmica, Lasius and Pheidole to name a few. The solid vented sides mean this can house smaller species that require a higher humidity and the vented lid keeps smells down. A dusting of sand in the outworld is recommended to absorb sticky substances that can occur in the feeding area and makes cleaning so much easier.


Measures and includes

140mm x 130mm x 70mm high

Ports are 10mm O/D

10 cm of Crystal clear formicarium tubing

Vented lid



Sold Seperate



feeding tray


water feeder 

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