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Monomorium Subopacum Queen with 15- 20 workers

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Taxonomy: Monomorium Subpacum

Country of Origin: Asia

Easy, Skilled, Specialist: Easy/skilled

Colony size: 1000+ (when established)

Expected life expectancy: 12 years

Habitat: Pavements,Under Stones

Queen size: mm

Worker size: mm

Behaviour: Also known as the tramp ant they house with other insects usually and eat almost anything.

Lifecycle: Egg-Larvae-Pupae-Worker

Defence: Bite

Warning: Bite and small stinger

Venomous: No

Nuptial flights: August to September

Other information: These ants grow quite quickly and aren't fussy. Due to being a asian species heat mat might be required if your in a colder region. I haven't personally kept this species but i might as they look fun!

The above information was kindly provided by Guy Clement

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