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Odontoponera Transversa Mated Queen

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Odontoponera transversa is a large framed, aggresive and hardy ant found mainly in the throughout the whole of the Asian continent. What’s fascinating about this species in particular, is that they belong to the Ponerinae subfamily, which essentially means that they are one of the most primitive species out there!

As is characteristic of most Ponerinae ants, this specific type of ant is able to ‘roll’ a bubble of water into its mandibles to carry back to the nest to share with the nest mates.

Additionally, this species is tolerant to a range of conditions which makes them quite an easy species to take care of, especially for those who want to venture into the world of exotics yet want something a little more strange and wonderful but at the same time, without very restrictive and difficult keeping parameters.


In terms of behaviour, you will see Odontoponera transversa normally hunt in solitary as they rely on their powerful mandibles to subdue their prey in order to sting them. However, you will see the recruitment of others should the prey require further handling. Despite their ability to sting, this species is very docile and rarely stings unless the nest is highly disturbed, this is ideal for the ant keeper! Finally! For many who think of having open - top setups, O.transversa fits the bill as interestingly, they are unable to secrete enough adhesion properties to be able to climb against plastic, acrylic or glass! But may be able to across rougher materials such as wood.

Basic care requirements:

- Temperature: Room temperature - 26C

- Humidity: 60-70%

- Colour: Black

- Hibernation: Not required

- Size:

1. Workers 12-13mm
2. Queens 10-12mm

- Temperament: Whilst aggressive to prey items, they rarely inflict their sting on humans.

All in all a great, fast moving, aggressive and hardy ant!

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