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Pheidole flaveria

Pheidole flaveria

  • Taxonomy  Pheidole flaveria
  • Country of Origin Guangxi, Henan (china)
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist Skilled
  • Colony size 2000-3000
  • Expected life expectancy 
  • Habitat moist, meadows and the edges of forests
  • Temperature 24-27c
  • Queen size 5-7 mm
  • Worker size  2-3mm soldiers 3.5mm-4mm
  • Warning Good escape prevention such as ant-i-slip required
  • Other information

This Pheidole species features two worker ant castes: normal minor-worker ants and some eye-catching soldier ants with large heads. Always be sure to use an effective anti-escape system. These are really quite aggressive and have a very marked and impressive sense of recruitment. The soldiers reach up to 4 mm in size.

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