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Pheidole pallidula (Special)

Pheidole pallidula (Special)

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  • Taxonomy Pheidole pallidula
  • Country of Origin Europe, Spain and North Africa
  • Easy, Skilled, Specialist  skilled
  • Colony size 50’000+
  • Expected life expectancy  10 years
  • Habitat Temperature 21-28c
  • Queen size  7-8mm
  • Worker size  2-5mm
  • Behaviour
  • Lifecycle Hibernation November - February 15c
  • Diet  Sugar water, insects such as flies, mealy worms and crickets
  • Pheidole pallidula is a small but quite an aggressive species.  They have a high requirement for food and so should be fed regularly.  Pheidole pallidula is one of the few species of European ants who have soldier ants.  They are distributed over Southern Europe and North Africa.  The nest should have both a day and a moist area.  This species of ant can be kept at room temperature, however an additional; heat spot is recommended. 

    This ant is suitable for beginners if attention is payed to good breakout protection such as Ant-i-slip

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