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Solenopsis invicta (Easter Special - half price)

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Originates from South America, although it is now found almost worldwide.

Common Name fire ant

Latin name Soleonopsis invicta

They are highly aggressive and defensive.

This species is polymorphic, which means that in its colonies, worker ants come in different sizes. 

Colonies can grow to VERY large numbers and consumes large amounts of food! To control numbers reduce food, temperature and dispatch responsibly (freezer). We offer a buy back scheme should you no longer wish to keep your colony. 

Check out our large colony at 



Solenopsis invicta
Geographic locations

South America / Worldwide







Food: protein, mealy worms, crickets, flies, cooked chicken
Air moisture: 50-70%
Temperature: 20-30°C
Hibernation: not required
Nest-building: mounds, impressive soil based set ups.
Formicariums: Tanks, flat nests
Formicarium size: Flat nests with easy options for expansion

Care Level

Easy, Various escape preventions methods will need to be adopted after you reach 400+ workers!


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