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Ant-i-slip escape prevention oil 10 ml

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Our 10ml original “ant i slip” keeps your ants in the enclosure for up to one month, just wipe and re-apply! Will last a lot longer in dust free conditions! Unlike talcum powder and PTFE our ant-i-slip is clear so no unsightly clouding of the glass or plastic giving you a clean undisturbed view of you species! You can only buy ant i slip from us within the UK so don't caught out with fake inferior copies, you’ll only regret it when you have mass escapes! 

Below is a trial we conducted,


We do not supply other retailers with this product, so if it’s not from us you’ve got a cheaper mineral oil that won’t do the job! Our ant-I-slip has been perfected over 6 years to keep species like Solenopsis invicta and Atta Cephalotes in their enclosures and keep you, your ants and other pets safe! 

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