Europe’s largest supplier of Fertilised Queen ants and colonies
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Ant Food

Everything you’ll need to keep your ants hydrated and well fed, these are the products we use behind the scenes to keep our colonies in tip top shape. Our seed is a mix and blend of over five types and we combine protein to some of the packs to make sure egg laying is increases with your new colony! 

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to feeding your ants, the best colonies always thrive with a varied diet, our seeds are more than budgie seed with a mix and blend of organic lentils, seeds, peas, millet, maize, oats, sunflower seed, poppy seeds, golden millet, Nijer, cracked corn, Milo, cracked peanuts, white promo millet, dried corn to name but a few!

Our jellies are formulated with ants in mind not reptiles! The white jelly is a great source of protein that helps the Queen to increase egg laying within weeks, each flavoured jelly works differently to provide for a healthy colony!