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Christmas Gift Packages

Our Christmas gift packages are designed to take the hassle out of purchasing gifts for your budding myrmecologist friends or family members !

We’ve separated them out as some of the formicariums (housing) requires a syringe but no one wants an over active teenager running around with a syringe on Christmas Day so the option to choose a dropper instead is offered. 

Our packages will have small parts and plastic bags for the accessories so adult supervision is always advised.

We will dispatch your parcel unbranded as not to give any clues to its contents and can be wrapped without opening as NO payment details are enclosed.

When you receive your package pop it some where cool around 18-21c dont place it under the tree until the last minute, Christmas lights can get warm.

Ants come in a test tube and can last in those for some weeks, they’re also security sealed so please inspect them on the day, your Queens comes with an extended guarantee until the 25th as long as the package is sealed, all we ask is that should the worst happen you return her so we can get a replacement sent out. We recommend the recipient researches the species before removing from the test tube to give them the best possible chance of becoming a successful colony.

The anti slip liquid is for extra protection and can be lightly rubbed on the inside of the lid but isn’t required straight away.

Any additions purchased will be included in the parcel for dispatch on the 16th.